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Memory and Cognitive Decline 

Friends On A Walk

We all occasionally experience attentional and memory lapses. Most of us have at some point forgotten to return a call, struggled to remember a name, or used the Find My Phone function after unsuccessfully searching for the phone that was “just there.” As we age, these lapses may become a bit more frequent; however, when they begin to affect your day-to-day functioning, at home, work, or socially, they become of concern. 

If you are wondering whether memory, attention, word-finding or other cognitive difficulties you are noticing are a normal part of aging or something more serious, a neuropsychological evaluation is a way to address your concerns. Since the results of the administered cognitive tests are compared to the performance of your age peers, they can tell you exactly whether what is happening is expected for the age or something that needs to be monitored, or perhaps requires intervention.

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