Neuropsychological Evaluations

for children, adolescents,

and adults conducted by

an experienced, ​board-certified neuropsychologist

in Brooklyn NY.

Currently offering a combination of remote and in-person services 

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Neuropsychological Evaluations


Children and adults can benefit from a neuropsychological evaluation for many different reasons: 


-  Perhaps your child’s teacher thinks that your son or daughter gets out of seat, stares into space, or has difficulty with reading, math, or school work in general more often than the other kids in their class.


- Your child’s pediatrician mentioned developmental concerns and recommended further testing.


- You already know that your child has a neurological condition (e.g., epilepsy, autism, congenital neurological anomaly) that is associated with cognitive difficulties.


- You are not quite sure what if anything is wrong, but wondering if your child’s behaviors are a cause for concern and need to be evaluated. 


- As an adult, you are questioning whether your difficulties in various settings could be a symptom of a specific condition. It may be something you’ve experienced for ages, or you are noticing changes after a recent head injury, or illness.


- You notice your or your loved one’s increasing forgetfulness and want to know if it is simply due to getting older, stress, or an underlying  neurological condition.


A comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation will closely examine all areas of cognitive, emotional, and behavioral patterns to help you get a better understanding of your/your child’s functioning, identify the areas of strengths and weaknesses, and offer individualized recommendations for treatment and accommodations that will help you succeed and reach your highest potential.


​As a neuropsychologist I have the expertise in not only test administration but understanding how the brain functioning accounts for the findings of a neuropsychological assessment, which makes me well-equipped to offer specific and effective interventions that are likely to result in the desired changes. 

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I am an experienced board-certified clinical neuropsychologist offering comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation,  consultation, and treatment services. Having trained and worked extensively with patients of different ages, I provide expert evaluations for pediatric and adult patients of nearly all ages.