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Neurological Disorders

Brain Scans

Many conditions affecting the central nervous system, both in children and adults, are associated with difficulties or changes in cognitive functioning. Among these are hereditary and genetic conditions, infectious diseases of the brain (e.g, meningitis, encephalitis), toxic exposure (e.g. lead poisoning), epilepsy, brain tumors, strokes, and dementias (e.g., Alzheimer’s disease). Some, like Alzheimer’s disease, tend to show a slow and gradual progression. Others, like strokes, may leave you or your loved one with a sudden and obvious decline in functioning.

If you have a chronic or recent neurological condition and are experiencing difficulties with memory, attention, organization, word-finding, or other cognitive skills, if your daily life or work are affected by these changes, you would likely benefit from a neuropsychological evaluation to help you, your family, and your doctors figure out exactly how your cognitive functioning is affected and what interventions and accommodations are likely to be most helpful so that you can plan your treatment fully informed.

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